Monday 9 September 2013

Swap gifts revealed…..

I received my swap parcel from Carol in Khristina’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. swap today……see???…..

005 (Medium)

we were both getting a little worried as I’ve had a couple of parcels go missing on their way here in the past six months or so….and Carol was told it was to arrive by last Thursday so her hair was starting to curl too!  But it had arrived safe and sound for today…..just to test our intestinal fortitude!!!!!

So, from Carol, I received these gorgeous goodies…

007 (Medium)

…all labelled so I cound figure out what each letter of FRIENDS meant….

F equals…..

012 (Medium)

….food cover… fantastic for our barbeques and picnics…..I love this idea, and isn’t the border fabric just divine???

R =

014 (Medium)

…now I had some trouble working out how the letter ‘'R” and chocolates went hand in hand, but after asking Carol, it all made perfect sense…….RIDICULOUSLY Yummy chocolates, and although I hate to admit it……’burp’…..yes they were!!!! (past tense!)

I =

015 (Medium)

…inches and inches and more inches!     Can never do with too many of these!!!!!

E= Egg cups……aren’t these just adorable???   I have no doubt these will be mine and mine alone as hubby doesn’t eat eggs and I can’t see my rugged 19 year old son reaching for these with his toasty soldiers!!!! LOL (perfect plan!)

016 (Medium)

N= Notebook and pen

018 (Medium)

can you see the matching little girl on the pen lid???  Aren’t these just adorable!!!???

D= Dollies…….my favourite kind……Matroyska dollies…..*swoon*

019 (Medium)

OOh, I just can’t wait to make these softies up………and they’re blue too!!!!   (Oh Carol, you’ve done an exceptional job…..but wait, there’s more!!!…..)

S=  Sewing kit??? I think??

020 (Medium)

I got a bit of a giggle out of this one, because I made a petal pouch, similar to this but a bit smaller and in pink for Carol….see….Khris did make a perfect match!!!! lol Only thing was, mine didn’t have a pincushion and tissue holder in it like this one Carol made!!! 

Here’s what I sent Carol…….(probably time for a coffee or warm beverage now……plenty more photos to go!!!!!)

024 (Medium)025 (Medium)

no, not baby rattles……little bells to add to some upcoming Christmas swaps perhaps????

026 (Medium)

Carol mentioned she liked reds, pinks and aquas so an ID holder in her favourite colours seemed like a good idea, along with a book about friends….

027 (Medium)

some yummy Cosmos Seasons threads..

028 (Medium)

a petal pouch with yummy Freddo Frogs for when the sugar cravings hit….nom nom nom!!!

030 (Medium)

Carol mentioned she was planning on making over her sewing space so I purchased a design for a new sewing mat especially for her ‘new’ sewing room.

031 (Medium)

014 (Medium)

020 (Medium)

I thought some ‘genuine’ sugary hugs wouldn’t go astray, so Carol got some sugar right from our district….if only I had smellovision… can smell the molasses…’s divine!….and some sweet berrylicious smells in the form of……..

032 (Medium)033 (Medium)

It even looks like a real macaron!!!!!

Thanks so much Carol and Khris…..I’ve loved every minute of this swap and renewed a FRIENDship in the process!!!!


Another swap I’ve recently taken part in, is Maree’s pincushion swap.  I made Terri (no blog) this pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells and covered in groovy little owls and sent it all the way to her in WA


and poor Rhonda (Brisbane), who was to send me a pincushion, had hers hijacked in the mail and it didn’t get here (see what I mean about missing parcels???)…… she had to decided to make me another….I am sooooo lucky because Rhonda is so clever…..

012 (Medium)

look at the gorgeous pincushion (and extras) she sent me…some flowerhead pins, an ever-so-cute cow button and a adorable needlebook…….all stitched and everything!!!  I’m such a lucky girl!!  And poor Rhonda was so apologetic, but it had nothing to do with anything she did……it was just one of those things….thank you Rhonda….more than you can ever believe…….everything is coming in VERY handy!!!!! *wink*

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, as I will be sharing the next free block of ‘Seasons of’…. and I can tell you, it’s very ‘springy’! hee hee

Sugary hugs, xox :o)

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e said...

Lovely. Looks like you are enjoying your swaps - not only receiving but sharing.

Glad to hear you found your mojo. :)

Rosie said...

Lots of lovely items given and received. Any chocolates left?

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow.....sent and received, just amazing was a fantastic swap..

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Lots of lovely goodies! I love swaps too :)

Anthea said...

Wow Wendy lots of Swap Love going on there... and I like the special touch of including some local flavour with the sugar you sent. x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful swap! You both did a great job of thinking about the letters. I love getting goodies in the mail. And Lindt! I LOVE Lindt truffles!

Khris said...

What awesome goodies you girls got and gave each other....what a great swap...hugs Khris