Wednesday 4 September 2013

Where oh where has my mojo gone….where oh where can it beeeeeeeeee???


I just don’t know what’s got into me this past week……I have been so full of enthusiasm and ideas, and now I just can’t seem to drag my sorry butt to the craft room, or to the laptop. or ANYWHERE to do ANYTHING!!!!  Where oh where could my mojo have gone!?!

I think it’s gone on a road trip…..I keep going to the door to see if it’s about to come home but there’s no sight of it……hope I hear it’s horn tooting a welcome “I’m ho-ooome” really soon! :/

In the meantime, here’s what has been happening with me…..

I received these gorgeous goodies from my Fat Quarter Swap partner, Lyn…aren’t they beautiful??  Hard to see the design on the cream fq, but they are swirly roses…just gorgeous  Thanks Lyn!!!  I love ‘em!

068 (Medium)

and I sent these off to my swap partner, Carol for the 2013 F.R.I.E.N.D.S. swap hosted by the lovely Khristina….

034 (Medium)

I had a wonderful day’s stitching with ‘the gals’ on Monday….. but for me on Monday it was more about the fellowship and food….stitching just didn’t do it for me … and Michelle made some real yummies for lunch…..

078 (Medium)079 (Medium)

Look at these two will you??… you know why Jen has such great photos on her blog!!!!

and I’ve just been enjoying the sunshine, and arrival of spring in my garden……feel so blessed to be able to witness it firsthand…..

002 (Medium)004 (Medium)007 (Medium)009 (Medium)044 (Medium)

and keeping an eye out each night for my mojo.   If you see it anywhere in your travels, can you pleeeeease send it home!!!! 

055 (Medium)


PS……I will be drawing the very belated Birthday-Love stash winner tonight and will post it first thing in the morning!

Sugary sweet hugs xox :o)

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Anonymous said...

lovely pics Wendy i hope your sewing mojo finds it way back to you real soon.xx

Rosie said...

Hey! you left your mojo here in Townsville!LOL I've got it and I'm madly sewing! Ha! Ha! come and get it if you want it back!LOL!

Sandi said...

Oh Wendy, I will keep an eye out for your mojo, if it turns up I will wrestle it to the ground, tie it up and send it is ok to let them out once in a while but make sure you put a leash on it next

Vickie said...

Oh deary me oh my Miss Wendy...I sure hope your mojo is just stuck in a daze a will reappear very very the blog photos,cheers Vickie

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I know that feeling well, if I see your mojo i will send it home ;) your garden looks lovely!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

If Heather's got it I'm off round the corner to grab some from her...we'll keep your mojo safe until we see you again!
LOVE that rose photo...swoon.

Noela said...

I'm sure you'll find it soon. Sometimes we need a small break. Hugs....

e said...

Maybe you sent it to me along with your design suggestions - I'll keep it safe for you.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one the Lord has blessed with perfect roses. What a gorgeous bloom.

xoxo love and hugs.

Anthea said...

Ha ha, even the FOOD is not able to escape the blogging paparazzi, that's a great pic! And do I spy a hibiscus bud?!
The mojo will return... just take your time... xo

Anonymous said...

No wonder you haven't felt like doing anything. It's spring!

Joy McD said...

I've lost my blogging mojo... sad isn't it?! Lovely photos and you have been busy! xxx

Denise SA said...

Sending wishes that by now you have found your mojo