Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday? Already??? My ‘birthday’ tomorrow so a gift to share with you, and an upcoming surprise .

It seems like only yesterday it was Monday…..and what a day Monday was….spending a wonderful day with stitching friends……you can read more about it HERE and HERE, but I have a few photos for evidence to share too!

I know it seems like all we do is eat on our stitching days….

037 (Medium)

045 (Medium)

…we don’t…… however Michelle’s superb culinary skills had us feasting like royalty and we always enjoy it………(some of us really like to show it too!!!! LOL  can you tell Michelle’s trifle is Jen’s all-time fave??)046 (Medium)

…..but we did manage to get some stitching done too…..

027 (Medium)030 (Medium)031 (Medium)032 (Medium)033 (Medium)034 (Medium)

…as well as chatting (well, that’s a very important part of the day, don’t ya think???)

035 (Medium)051 (Medium)

I love our Monday’s……my jaws are still sore from all the laughing……I think anybody driving near me on the way home would have been wondering what I got up to as I had a big grin, from ear to ear, recounting our special day!

floral border 5

Tomorrow is the official birthday for my blog…….she’s a big 4 years old tomorrow…… fast does time go????   And because it’s a special day, ……{and not only because it’s FNSI (don’t forget to join us and sign up HERE though!!!)}……..I thought I’d share it with some very special bloggy friends who’ve been there with me,  maybe for all or maybe for only part of the past four years…it doesn’t matter……. I thought I’d provide the present for you!

So here it is……a sweet little stitchery design for you to use however you wish….

040 (Medium)

I’d love to see what you make with it….I’m envisioning gift or tote bags, cushions, table toppers or journal covers….there’s so many things you could do with it.  I hope you enjoy it and if when you decide to use it, I’d love to see a photo of what you make so I can share it with everyone!  You can find the pattern HERE in my Craftsy store….it’s available to download free, just for you!  I hope you like it!


And tomorrow……there’s a special announcement of a blog hop I’ve been invited to be a part of….something new for me!!!   A little hint…..there’s a button at the top of my sidebar….might give you some clues!!!!!  

Until then….sugary hugs and the sweetest of dreams xox :o)

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